On February 25th, ACFN began planting their first crop of 2021 in the Growcer seacan at the K’ai Tailé Market. Parsley, lettuce and spinach were planted by Cathwyn and Michael, staff of the market. The germination (seed sprouting) process occurs once the seeds are exposed to warmth and moisture.

In the coming weeks, the roots will strengthen allowing them to be transported to the Growing room to mature. Cathwyn and the K’ai Tailé Market team will continue to tend to the plants until they are ready to be sold at the store.

The ACFN Growcer unit will provide Fort Chipewyan with year round, locally produced vegetables and herbs using a technology called hydroponics, meaning growing without soil.

This is the first stage of sustainable food production in Fort Chipewyan, with the ultimate goal of 3NE constructing a Sustainable Food Production Centre in the future. This will result in a larger variety of plants being produced by both hydroponics and soil based growing, as well as raising fish (aquaponics).