ATCO Partnership

The 3NE solar farm project is enhanced by related work by ATCO to expand their power generation and energy storage and management facilities in Fort Chipewyan. Specifically, ATCO has built a smaller solar farm on adjacent land to add capacity, confirm design and refine local installation procedures and local contractor readiness.

In parallel with the 3NE Solar Farm, ATCO deployed 1.5MWh of battery storage capacity plus additional control systems, which ATCO owns and operates. This work is funded and managed entirely by ATCO.

Electricity produced at the Fort Chipewyan facility (like all others in Alberta) is purchased by the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO). 3NE is basically selling electricity at a “wholesale” price into a “pool” managed by the AESO.

Through its partnership with ATCO, the project avoids future tank farm expansion costs and produces renewable green energy to reduce our carbon footprint.

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