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Three Nations Energy


Jointly owned by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, the Mikisew Cree First Nation, and the Fort Chipewyan Metis Association, Three Nations Energy GP Inc. was created in 2018 to bring clean, low carbon, affordable and reliable electricity to the community of Fort Chipewyan … and … to create a strong and efficient vehicle for indigenous ownership and operation of green energy solutions. We simply call ourselves “3NE”.   The ABOUT 3NE Section of this website provides more background on each of our Nations, our journey in clean energy and sustainability action, and introduces you to our Board, our Management team, and how we do business.


The catalyst for creating 3NE was a mix of factors, including:

  • The growing threat to Fort Chipewyan’s energy security with climate change regularly shortening the diesel fuel hauling season on the winter ice road;
  • Direction from Leaders, Elders, and many other members including our young people, to act where we can to protect the climate and more broadly, the environment;
  • A shared desire to meet growing demands for electricity in the community with the least-cost energy solutions over the long term, and avoid costs of adding more diesel tank storage, and burning more fuel – creating more greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Opportunities to work with both the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta to demonstrate and implement indigenous action on climate change and renewable energy as a viable solution for remote communities; and
  • Leadership and genuine partnership opportunities developed with ATCO – the established electricity provider for our remote, isolated community power grid.


Our foundational project – The Three Nations Energy (3NE) solar farm is a $7.76 million project with a capacity of 2.2 Megawatts.  Together with another 0.4 Megawatts of solar capacity (on an adjacent farm owned by ATCO and just completed in 2019) this system is connected to a 1.5 Megawatt Hour state-of-the-art battery system and will supply Fort Chipewyan with some 3,200 Megawatt-hours of electricity each year, displacing more than 800,000 litres of diesel fuel annually. That’s a 25% reduction in diesel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions, and we are only getting started!  When completed by November 2020, this system will be the largest solar PV system in a remote Canadian community.

The 3NE Solar Farm site occupies nearly 8 hectares of land immediately south of the ATCO Third Lake Generating Station near the Fort Chipewyan airport. It consists of our 6,000 ground-mounted solar photovoltaic panels, plus ATCO’s phase one of 1,500 panels, along with inverters and control systems. Electricity produced will be purchased by ATCO and will be distributed throughout the community via the local electricity distribution grid under one of the first Alberta Utility Commission Approvals issued in compliance with the 2019 Alberta Community Generation Regulation. Through its partnership with ATCO, the project will avoid future tank farm expansion costs to the local community and the Alberta ratepayer.

The 3NE SOLAR FARM Section of this website has more on the technical specs, the project timeline, and the construction story, (and regulatory details, if you care about that stuff !).


Despite all the challenges of our remote location, a drastically shortened and delayed winter road season in 2020, and COVID-19 emergency responses, solar farm construction is on schedule, under budget, and delivering on the promises of meaningful employment and capacity building for our members.  For details on current employment opportunities, volunteer positions, upcoming community events, gatherings, workshops, and ways to get involved or provide community member input check out the JOBS & MORE Section.


Of equal importance, 3NE now serves as a catalyst for collaboration around a growing suite of green energy and sustainable economic development initiatives among our three Nations, as well as between our Nations and Governments of Canada, Alberta, and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.  See the COMMUNITY PROJECTS Section and our NEWS stories for more on our Sustainable Community Energy Plans, our other joint-venture 3NE Green Energy projects as well as our independent but parallel energy efficiency and green energy programs that each Nation is undertaking with the benefit of coordination and economies of scale supported by 3NE and community green energy teams.


Finally, the key to the 3NE vision and mission is continuous learning, education, training, and building capacity for our own community members. Check out the LEARNING RESOURCES Section.  We are honoured and happy to share what we know (and what we are learning) with First Nations and Remote Communities across the North, and across Canada with other Nations, indigenous organizations, communities, co-operatives, municipalities or schools who also want to act to protect the environment, lower greenhouse gas emissions, build their own sustainable economies and energy security, and help lead the way to a sustainable and socially-just future for all.

We are also happy to learn from YOU and hear more about your successes and learning, or your ideas.


Canada’s Largest Remote Community Solar Farm Project


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What Folks Are Saying

“While the regional economy depends on the oil industry, we feel the effects of Climate Change in Fort Chipewyan, and see the growing impacts on our Delta lands. Our members want us to be part of the solution and we appreciate Alberta working with us to take a big step forward to cut pollution and protect the environment.”

Chief Allan Adam, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

“The Three Nations Energy Solar Farm project showcases our community’s shared vision of achieving energy sovereignty and becoming a leader in creating a climate friendly economy. 3NE will work as one to build capacity and implement other projects in energy efficiency and green energy.”

Councillor Calvin Waquan, Mikisew Cree First Nation

“Three Nations Energy is about indigenous peoples working in partnership and collaborating with governments and private industry to protect the environment. Our solar farm will create local jobs, increase our energy security, and over time it will generate revenues to re-invest in our community.”

Blue Eyes Simpson, Fort Chipewyan Metis Association

“We are very proud to partner with Three Nations Energy and the community of Fort Chipewyan. In addition to reducing costs, this project helps the community make life better for residents by reducing pollution and increasing safety. This is just one of the many steps on the path of reconciliation our government is taking by empowering Indigenous peoples to own, develop, and operate this project.”

Richard Feehan, Minister of Indigenous Relations Alberta Government

“By harnessing Alberta’s abundant solar resources, we can ensure northern communities no longer need to rely on diesel to heat and power their homes. This project is the largest in Canadian history to reduce diesel emissions by moving to solar power and storage. More importantly, it shows what can be accomplished when we work together to protect our environment.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment & Parks Alberta Government

“ATCO is honoured and thrilled to partner with the community of Fort Chipewyan to implement an innovative clean energy micro-grid solution. ATCO will build and operate the solar array and battery storage, significantly reducing diesel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while creating jobs and building capacity for community ownership of the solar farm.”

Representative, ATCO Group