This page contains learning resources that are available for you to view and download in PDF format for free. These include Factsheets & How-To Guides, Display Posters, Teacher & Student Guides, and Videos related to many areas of the environment and clean energy.

The 1-4 page Factsheets & How-To guides contain detailed information to inform you about a topic, with key points, important terminology, and supplementary resources included. Select Fort Chipewyan or northern Canadian case studies are often included.

The Display Posters are highly visual, with lots of graphics and colors, and less text. They can be resized for printing or to include in a presentation.

The Teacher & Student Guides are designed for use in the classroom. The student guides allow for self-directed learning. They include an activity, basic facts, and follow up challenges and experiments. The teacher guide can be combined with the associated factsheet and is meant to guide student learning to achieve specific learning outcomes. Alberta curriculum ties are identified for all activities.

These materials are available as a Basic, Advanced or General level. The Basic level has been designed for an elementary, junior high, or adult learner with less of a science or technical background. The Advanced level has been designed for a senior high student, trades person, or an adult with a strong science or technical background. The General level is more suited to a wider audience.

3NE is working closely with Green Energy Futures (GEF) to prepare learning videos specific to Fort Chipewyan and to give you direct access to the best green energy Videos produced by GEF.

Check back often as we continue to add to and expand on the learning materials available.

Factsheets & How-To

Carbon Cycle (Advanced)

The carbon cycle is divided into biological and geological components, plus carbon sequestration and human impacts are briefly discussed.

Carbon Cycle (Basic)

How carbon flows and the human impact

Carbon Sinks and Sources (Advanced)

An in depth look at the specific natural and artificial sources and sinks of carbon dioxide and the loss of balance between them

Carbon Sinks and Sources (Basic)

An in depth look at the specific natural and artificial sources and sinks of carbon dioxide and the loss of balance between them

Climate Change (General)

Review the terminology, evidence and effects of climate change and why a half degree of global warming is a big deal.

Climate Change Can Be COLD

The news has been filled with stories about severe heat waves but also extreme cold snaps. Both can be caused by climate change – find out how.

Energy Efficiency: Attic Insulation

Learn how to inspect your attic insulation and compare the types of insulation available. Includes tips for installation.

Energy Efficiency: Catalytic Wood Stoves

Explore how catalytic wood stoves use a secondary burn to reduce pollution and save on fuel.

Energy Efficiency: Caulking

Try you hand at caulking to seal up those air leaks that cause heat loss in your home.

Energy Efficiency: Finding Air Leaks

20 – 40% of home heat loss is due to air leaks. Discover how to find them.

Energy Efficiency: Floor & Crawl Space Insulation

Save money and energy by insulating under your floors and crawl spaces.

Energy Efficiency: Foundation Wall Insulation

20% of a home’s heat can be lost from the basement. Learn how to avoid this, saving money and energy.

Energy Efficiency: Heat Recovery

Explore how heat recovery systems can capture heat from exhaust air produced by your home.

Energy Efficiency: Home Insulation Overview

This is a general introduction to the importance of insulation, how it works, the types and where they are used.

Energy Efficiency: LED Lights – Why Upgrade? (General)

Explore the many benefits of LED lighting over incandescent light bulbs.

Energy Efficiency: LED Shopping Guide

If you are updating your lighting to LED’s, here is the information you need!

Energy Efficiency: Pellet Stoves

Find out what pellets are and how these stoves operate.

Energy Efficiency: Phantom Power (General)

Electrical devices can still consume electricity even when they are switched off and can account for 10% of your home’s energy use – learn how to prevent it.

Energy Efficiency: Save With Power Strips (General)

Advanced power strips not only protect your electrical devices, but also prevent phantom loads to save energy.

Energy Efficiency: Thermostats – Why Upgrade (General)

There are many benefits to upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat, including significant energy savings.

Energy Efficiency: Update Your Hot Water Heater (General)

Hot water heating accounts for 17% of your home’s energy use so it is important to improve their efficiency.

Energy Efficiency: Update Your Oil Furnace (General)

Space heating is the largest energy consumer in your home, so it is important to consider upgrading your old furnace to a high efficiency model.

Energy Efficiency: Using a Standard Wood Stove

Check out some helpful tips for using a standard wood stove.

Energy Efficiency: Wall Insulation

Do you need to upgrade the insulation in your walls? This fact sheet reviews points to consider as well as types of insulation available.

Energy Efficiency: Weatherstripping

Learn the basics of repairing weatherstripping

Energy Efficiency: Window & Door Insulation

Windows and doors account for 35% of heat loss in Canadian homes so it is important to know how to make them more efficient.

Energy Efficiency: Your House Air Flow

Learn the importance of air flow in your home for even heating and humidity control.

Greenhouse Effect (Advanced)

What it is, what causes it, major greenhouse gases and human impact

Greenhouse Effect (Basic)

What it is, what causes it, major greenhouse gases and human impact

Greenhouse Gases (Advanced)

Details about major greenhouse gases, their sources in Canada and the loss of sinks

Hydroponics 101

Discover what hydroponics is, why grow plants this way and generally how it works.

Methane Cycle (Advanced)

What is methane and how it is produced, brief outline of methane cycle, natural & human sources and sinks

Methane Cycle (Basic)

What is methane and how it is produced, brief outline of methane cycle, natural & human sources and sinks

Micro-Generation (General)

Find out how homeowners or small businesses can generate their own electricity using renewable energy, like solar power or wind turbines and sell the electricity they aren’t using back into the grid.

Peace-Athabasca Delta (General)

Details of the environment and importance of the delta region, as well as the impact climate change is having on the area, including traditional uses of the delta, recent observations, and general causes

Raised Bed Gardening (General)

Find out how to construct a raised bed garden and what you need to know for a successful growing season using this method of growing.

Rechargeable Batteries (General)

The new Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries found in power tools are smaller, lighter, long lasting, more powerful and more environmentally friendly. Learn the basics of how to handle them.

Solar Electricity

Learn how we convert sunlight into electricity. Includes a brief introduction to photovoltaic cells, grid connected and off grid electrical systems.

Solar Panels in Winter? (General)

Learn how snow cover affects solar power production.

Solar S’mores: How To Build A Solar Oven (Grade 4-6)

This is a low cost activity for a fun learning experience around the concept of solar air heating.

Solar S’mores: How To Build A Solar Oven (Grade 7+)

This is a low cost activity for a fun learning experience around the concept of solar air heating.

Solar Thermal Energy (Advanced)

An in depth look at the electromagnetic spectrum, how sunlight makes heat, and how solar thermal energy is used.

Solar Thermal Energy (Basic)

An in depth look at how light makes heat and important uses of heat from solar energy.

Solar Thermal Energy Technology (General)

How sunlight can be used to heat the water and air in residential buildings as well as at the industrial level.

Understanding Electricity (General)

Review how electricity works including the parts of an atom, how electricity “flows”, batteries, generators, circuits, AC/DC, and how electricity is measured.

Wicking Beds

See a different way of growing plants that self-waters!

Wood Heating – It’s Not Dirty (General)

Discover why heating with wood is clean or “carbon neutral”.

Wood Heating Systems (General)

Learn about the different wood heating systems available and how they compare.

Display Posters


A system that combines aquaculture (fish farming) with hydroponics (growing without soil)

Carbon Cycle (Advanced)

Advanced level overview of Earth’s carbon cycle

Carbon Cycle (Basic)

Basic level overview of Earth’s carbon cycle

Carbon Sinks and Sources (Basic)

Climate Change (General)

Electricity Basics – Water Analogy (General)

This illustration compares the terminology of electricity to flowing water.

Electricity Basics (General)

This provides diagrams of the atom, how electricity “flows” as well as a generator and a battery powered circuit.

Energy Efficiency: Change to Save

Discover how small changes in habits can lead to big savings on energy.

Energy Efficiency: Keep the Heat Inside

View where it is important to insulate and seal air leaks in your homes.

Energy Efficiency: Large Home Upgrades

Consider this list of home improvements you can invest in to save on energy bills while helping the environment.

Energy Efficiency: Small Home Upgrades

View a handy list of budget-minded improvements you can do to save costs, energy and the environment.

Greenhouse Effect (Advanced)

An advanced overview of how heat is trapped in Earth’s atmosphere

Greenhouse Effect (Basic)

A basic overview of how heat is trapped in Earth’s atmosphere

Greenhouse Gases (Advanced)

An advanced overview of the major greenhouse gases including a breakdown of Canada’s emissions

Grid Connected Solar Panel (PV) System

Illustration of a grid connected home with a solar PV system.


How to grow plants without soil

Local Food Production – Opportunity for Green Energy and Climate Action

View a comparison between importing food and producing food locally with the advantages of improved quality, better economics and reduced GHG’s.

Methane Cycle (Advanced)

An advanced overview of natural and human sources and sinks of methane in Earth’s environment

Methane Cycle (Basic)

A basic overview of natural and human sources and sinks of methane in Earth’s environment

Off Grid Solar PV

Diagram of an off grid solar PV system with details of AC/DC electricity flow using an inverter.

Passive Solar Heating – House Design for Northern Climates

An overview of passive solar air heating design for homes.

Peace-Athabasca Delta – Flooding

The importance of annual flooding of perched basins

Peace-Athabasca Delta – Map

Maps showing the location of the delta

Solar Farm – What Changes for Fort Chipewyan Residents (General)

Learn what benefits Fort Chipewyan gets from the solar farm.

Solar Hot Water System

An overview of how solar hot water heating works using an evacuated tube design.

Solar Powered Electric Tools

How a chain saw battery can be solar-charged

Why Wood Burning is Not “Dirty” (General)

Wicking Beds

How to garden year round with an easy to use, low cost method

Teacher & Student Guides

Solar Heating – Student Activity (Grade 4-6)

Solar S’mores: How to Build a Solar Oven. This is a low cost activity with a relatively low time commitment that makes a fun learning experience. A follow up experiment and additional challenges are included.

Solar Heating – Student Activity (Grade 7-9)

Solar S’mores: How to Build a Solar Oven. This is a low cost activity with a relatively low time commitment that makes a fun learning experience. A follow up experiment and additional challenges are included.

Solar Heating – Teacher Guide (Grade 4-6)

This teacher’s guide accompanies the grade 4-6 student activity: How to Build a Solar Oven

Solar Heating – Teacher Guide (Grade 7-9)

This teacher’s guide accompanies the grade 7-9 student activity: How to Build a Solar Oven

Solar Oven Activity (Grade 10-12)

Provide students with a hands-on fun activity as well as a basic or advanced science experiment. Opportunities for extended project included.


2020 Year of the EV Revolution

$300 billion in investment, 700 new EV models and numerous stunning trends mark 2020 as the tipping point for the EV Revolution. The only question is how fast the revolution will take hold?

Bob Chelmick’s Solar-powered Cabin in the Woods

Bob Chelmick is a former CBC news anchor who built his storied solar-powered “Cabin in the Woods” and started the ground-breaking radio series entitled: The Road Home.

Community-owned Indigenous Solar for Diesel in Canada’s North

Three Indigenous Nations in northern Canada joined forces to build a 2.2-megawatt solar project to replace 25 per cent of the local diesel-generated electricity. What’s more, it’s completely community-owned.

e-Bus Revolution – Edmonton

Edmonton has quietly become a national leader in electric buses and is counting on these zero-emissions vehicles to reduce operating costs.

Energy Efficiency Essential for the Planet, Great for the Economy

In a scenario where Canada invests 2.5 times more in energy efficiency, Canada would create 118,000 jobs, save $75 billion on energy costs and reduce emissions up to 50 per cent.

First Nations and Oilsands Workers Learn About Solar

The Louis Bull Tribe partnered with Iron and Earth, an organization of oilsands workers, to put on 5-day solar training course for workers.

Green Acres – One of the Largest Solar Farms in Western Canada

The Green Acres Hutterite Colony in Southern Alberta has a 2-megawatt, 7,600 panel system operating on their 20,000 acre farm.

Hello Solar, Goodbye Gas Generator

Blue Eyes Simpson is just one of 20 Indigenous and Metis people of Fort Chipewyan getting a custom-designed off-grid solar system to replace gas generators at their remote cabins.

Insulation 101: One Builder’s Secret for a Net-zero Home

These super-efficient homes use rooftop solar energy production and smaller, electric powered heating systems such as air source heat pumps to produce as much energy as they consume. But the real secret is insulation.

Into the Wild – Solar is Revolutionizing Life at Raymond Cardinal’s Cabin

Solar is revolutionizing life for indigenous people in Canada’s north including Raymond Cardinal’s solar-powered cabin out on the Peace-Athabasca Delta.

Solar 101 – Everything You Need to Know

Producing your own solar electricity, it’s a cool idea right? But when is the right time to go solar? We talk to Ron Kube, who installed solar on his home and Clifton Lofthaug of Great Canadian Solar.

Solar Air Heating

This Green Energy Futures video shows how to make a DIY solar air heater for your home and looks at commercial scale SolarWalls.

Solar Comes to Fort Chipewyan

Prior to the Three Nations Energy solar project, ATCO installed solar in Fort Chipewyan – a community which used to be 100% diesel dependent.

Solar for Diesel: The Sun Shines on Fort Chipewyan

Solar will replace 25 per cent of diesel generation in Fort Chipewyan, a small community of 1,000 people in northern Alberta that, until now, has received all of its electricity from a diesel microgrid.

T’sou-ke First Nation Goes All Out With Energy Conservation

The T’Souke First Nation on Vancouver Island developed and implemented a plan that slashed 75 per cent of their energy use and installed solar PV to provide clean power.

The Energy Detective is in the Building

When Ron Kube discovered his home was using nearly twice as much energy as the average home the energy detective was born. Save up to 50%

The Nest: The iPod of Programmable Thermostats

Tony Fadell, the chief designer behind the original iPod, walked away from Apple and started a company that makes the Nest, a programmable thermostat that’s taking the home energy efficiency world by storm.

The Power of a Home Energy Audit

By getting an audit, Ted Wolff of Edmonton will be able to make the best decisions when it comes to allocating money and resources to make his home more energy efficient.

Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips for the Home

Green Energy Futures presents the Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips for your home. We tag along with an EnerGuide auditor to learn the secrets of energy efficiency.

Tuktoyaktuk Teens’ Film on Climate Change

Two youth are creating a film “Happening to Us,” about the impacts of climate change on their home in Tuktoyaktuk in the Arctic. The film was presented at the IPCC climate change conference in Madrid, Spain.

Water Heaters 101: Getting Yourself in Hot Water

SMART HOMES PART 1 – Want to discover the best option for high efficiency water heaters? Check out tankless, electric heat pump and power vented conventional high efficiency water heaters.

What To Do with Spent Lithium-ion Batteries? Recycle Them!

Li-Cycle is a Canadian company from Ontario that is taking the mounting heap of battery waste and turning 95 per cent of it into gold – battery-grade raw materials for new batteries.

Why I Ditched My Car For An e-Bike

E-bikes are selling like hotcakes. We go for a spin with Leon Milner to learn why he ditched his car to ride an e-bike in the most northerly big city in North America.