Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

Councillor Teri Villebrun
Councillor Villebrun is enthusiastic to represent the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation as a board member of Three Nations Energy. As a long-term resident of Fort Chipewyan, she is excited by the recent progress and development in the community. At the same time, she recognizes that growth comes with increased energy consumption and the necessary infrastructure required to support it. Although it can be difficult to balance community needs and the environmental impacts, Three Nations Energy demonstrates a positive role in meeting the needs of both. As Canada’s largest off-grid solar project, Three Nations Energy will meet the community electricity needs while achieving positive benefits that include local employment opportunities and environmental stewardship.

Jason Schulz
Jason Schulz currently serves as Director, Strategic Advisory Service with the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and Treasurer with Three Nations Energy. Jason recognizes that community well-being is very dynamic and extends well beyond traditional economic measurements. He has been involved since the conceptual stage of Three Nations Energy in the Fall of 2017. It has been an exciting adventure from concept to construction–and eventually energization–with a lot of learning along the way. Jason looks forward to the positive long-term community environmental and economic synergies that will be realized through Three Nations Energy.

Mikisew Cree First Nation

Councillor Russell Kaskamin
Bio coming soon.

Councillor Roxanne Marcel
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Fort Chipewyan Metis Association

Kelly Piche
Kelly Piche lives along the shores of Lake Athabasca in Fort Chipewyan, AB which is in Traditional Treaty 8 Territory and the historical Metis lands of the region. Kelly works as the Executive Director of the Fort Chipewyan Metis Commercial Enterprises Corporation and serves on several Boards in both the profit and non-profit sectors. She works to align an organization’s vision and mandate with its strategic direction and resources to achieve workplace excellence.  Transparency and seeking industry best practises is her philosophy to move ahead for Indigenous business. She is also dedicated to lifelong learning and is excited to explore the Clean Energy field in a way that uses traditional knowledge and practices and incorporates modern technology to navigate a path forward that will serve her Nations for generations to come.

Blue Eyes Simpson
Blue-Eyes is a proud Metis woman of the Fort Chipewyan Metis Association, she has lived in Ft Chipewyan all her life and follows the beliefs and values that her beautiful parents Eli & Rose Simpson instilled in her, that of perseverance, kindness, respect and love for everyone. She is the Area Manager for the Parks Canada office within her community which she has held for over one year, and within this role she has strengthened the love she has for the outdoors, animals and the protection of the environment. She is a big advocate of the elders’ knowledge and stories from days past and for the future. Blue-Eyes believes in being an effective steward for the lands that she grew up around and travelled to all her years. She is a true believer in role modelling for our children and community moving forward. Everything that she works on alongside other community leaders of today and tomorrow, is for the betterment of those who follow behind us. Change is important for growth!