Environmental Benefits

The community has identified some environmental concerns, some of which are directly related to the high use of diesel fuel in the Fort Chipewyan area. These concerns include:

  • Pollution related to diesel tanker trucks and local electricity production
  • Shortened winter road season
  • Wasted energy
  • Wear and tear on the winter road

The completion of the solar farm (both phase I and II) brings many environmental benefits and helps address some community concerns, including:

  • A reduction of an estimated 800,000 litres of diesel each year
  • A reduction of 25 large tanker trucks on the winter road each year
  • Less pressure on the winter road
  • Lower potential for accidents on the winter road
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, amounting to approximately 2,170 tonnes of CO2e per year
  • Prevention of an expansion to the existing Third Lake generating station
  • Improved air quality, reduced noise and less environmental risk

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