Goals and Philosophy

Leaders in the ACFN, MCFN and Fort Chip Metis created Three Nations Energy through conversations in the community in the summer of 2018 – in response to both adversity, and opportunity. The Goals have evolved as the partnership grows stronger and success with development of the Solar Farm project leads to new opportunities.

3NE’s Goals:

  • Improve energy security and reduce dependence on expensive imports of energy (sup-pies that are threatened by rising costs and shrinking access as climate change and industrial activity shorten the river barge season and winter ice road season)
  • Establish greater energy sovereignty for our members
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions from energy use and make a significant contribution to protecting the environment for future generations, by acting to limit climate change
  • Reduce economic leakage out of the community by replacing imported non-renewable energy with local renewable sources of energy that keep employment and operating cashflows in our community
  • Demonstrate a successful model of 100% indigenous-owned clean energy development
  • Support, assist and encourage other indigenous green energy enterprises and organizations and green energy economic development more broadly across Canada
  • Learn from, establish strong working partnerships with, and contribute to the success of top tier established utilities and energy companies so we form strong partnerships
  • Re-invest the proceeds from our business ventures into further green energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability initiatives; and
  • Support education, involvement of youth, and building capacity within our community to prosper from environmentally sustainable economic development