Goals and Philosophy

Leaders in the ACFN, MCFN and Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation created Three Nations Energy through conversations in the community in the summer of 2018 – in response to both adversity, and opportunity. The Goals have evolved as the partnership grows stronger and success with development of the Solar Farm project leads to new opportunities.


“A healthy and collaborative community that achieves a high quality of life for all its members using clean, reliable and sustainable energy and food production systems that operate in harmony with nature, thereby protecting Mother Earth.”


To bring clean and reliable energy to the community of Fort Chipewyan, provide education and training to assist members to benefit directly from energy efficiency and green energy actions, and to serve as an effective community-based enterprise for indigenous collaboration, ownership and operation of green energy solutions.


  1. Improve energy security, resiliency and reduce dependence on expensive imports of outside energy supplies (which are becoming increasingly risky and unreliable due to climate change and other factors).
  2. Strengthen energy sovereignty and enable economic reconciliation through expanding local indigenous ownership and control over energy supply systems and over building and transportation systems that use energy.
  3. Lower greenhouse gas emissions from energy use and make a significant contribution to protecting the environment for future generations by acting to mitigate climate change and minimize other environmental damages.
  4. Reduce economic leakage by replacing imported, non-renewable energy with local, renewable sources of energy that increase local employment and keep operating budget cashflows in the community.
  5. Support community education and capacity building including learning opportunities for elders, members, youth, and Leadership to benefit and prosper from energy efficiency and green energy supply options, as well as from local food production and other actions contributing to environmental sustainability.
  6. Demonstrate a successful model of collaboration among the Dene, Cree and Metis Nations while achieving 100% indigenous-owned developments of clean energy and sustainability solutions.
  7. Share learnings and support and encourage other indigenous green energy enterprises and organizations across Canada in green energy economic development and implementation of clean energy solutions.
  8. Re-invest the proceeds from business ventures into further community green energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability initiatives.