Project Timeline

December 2018


Incorporation of Three Nations Energy GP Inc and establishment of Three Nations Energy Limited Partnership.


February 2019

Community Celebration Event

  • Community holds an event to celebrate the launch of the joint project.
  • Official signing between Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN), Mikisew Cree First Nation (MCFN) and Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation to form Three Nations Energy GP Inc.
  • Government of Alberta announces project funding through the Climate Leadership Plan and the Alberta Indigenous Climate Leadership Program

April 2019

Environmental Assessment Starts

The environmental assessment is a key step to ensure there is minimal impact to the environment and community.

August 2019

Phase 1 Solar

The 600 kW Phase I solar project is operational and producing enough power for 75 homes.


NRCAN News Release

  • Phase I is complete
  • 400 kW phase I solar project is operational and producing power with enough power for 75 homes

January 2020

3NE Receives Regulatory Approval

3NE receives regulatory approvals from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to construct and operate phase 2 of the solar farm.

February 2020

Site Clearing

Site clearing for phase 2 begins, which involves removing trees and small shrubs.

Material Shipment

  • With the increase in the load limit for winter road, materials for the 3NE solar farm were shipped into the Fort Chipewyan community
  • Ten truckloads of solar panels, ten truckloads of racking and screw piles for the foundations and two control buildings that house the inverters and electronics for the farm were transported on the winter road
  • ATCO brought in their own materials for the batteries and controls for their plants which allowed them to receive power; this power was then incorporated into the electrical grid.

April 2020

Construction Begins

Construction consisted of putting screw piles in the ground and erecting the frames and racking that the solar panels would sit on. The solar panels were then mounted onto the racking. A battery storage facility began at the same time.

September 2020

Testing and Startup

With all of the infrastructure in place, wiring of the solar farm took place.

October 2020

November 2020

Solar Farm Launch Ceremony

The Three Nations Energy Solar farm was launched November 17, 2020 with a ceremony at the solar farm in Fort Chipewyan featuring drummers, prayers and messages from local leadership and the directors of 3NE.

January 2021

Solar Farm Online

Upon completion of testing and startup, the solar farm began delivering power to the community, offsetting 25% of the community’s electricity needs from diesel power generation. This included the battery system, which acts as a buffer to allow the solar farm and the diesel generators to work together and has a capacity of 1.5MWh.

February 2021

Solar Farm Addition Announced

The solar farm construction project came in under budget allowing 3NE to purchase one more row of solar modules (approximately 400).

3NE submitted the facility application to the AUC and it was approved.

All materials for this extra capacity were delivered to Fort Chip on the winter road in February.

April 2021

Solar Farm Recognized

3NE Solar Farm wins Canada’s Clean50 Top Project Awards for their important work in reducing the community’s reliance on imported diesel fuel.

June 2021

Award for 3NE Solar Farm

3NE Received the 2021 Emerald Award for Energy. The Alberta Emerald Foundation has recognized examples of environmental excellence in Alberta for the last 30 years.

July 2021

Solar Farm Addition Completed

The additional row of solar modules was completed. This added 150 kW of additional capacity bringing the total to 2.43 MW output.

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