Project Description

Energy Efficiency

Residential Energy Efficiency

An opportunity identified in the ACFN Community Energy Plan was to reduce energy use in homes through a combination of upgrades, retrofits and efficient behaviours. ACFN worked with Greenplanet Energy Analytics (GEA) to develop a strategy for band-owned and municipal buildings to meet the following objectives:

  • Support economic development in Fort Chipewyan by reducing diesel and electricity costs
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of the community by increasing each homes energy efficiency

Through a program that began in 2019, soon after the completion of ACFN’s Community Energy Plan, ACFN and GEA have been working together to identify the energy efficient upgrades with the best payback, while ensuring ACFN staff have a solid understanding of how to complete the upgrades and why they are beneficial, to ensure longevity of the program in the community.

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