The first week of May had Athabasca Delta School busy doing greenhouse renovations. With the assistance of Clayton Stafford and Jonathan Luckhurst from Greenplanet Energy Analytics, the old tarp and door were removed, and a scaffold was installed. The structure was thoroughly inspected for rotting wood, which led to the purchase of pressure-treated lumber. The timber has all been cut for the upper frame, and one-third of the ribs have now been replaced. Plans for a new entrance door are in the works, as well as replacement polycarbonate panels.

Meanwhile, spring is starting early inside the school. Jonathan Luckhurst helped the junior high students plant seeds for the four indoor raised wicking beds. These included squash, tomatoes, cantaloupe, onions, leeks, corn, green beans, and pumpkin. The students continue to gain experience preparing peat pellets, mixing growing medium with fertilizer and compost, and using light timers.