The ACFN hydroponics trailer is becoming greener with every passing day. Lead hand, Bev Tourangeau, is starting to see the fruits of her labour, only they’re not fruits, they’re nutritious leafy green vegetables! Starting as seedlings in April, they’ve now grown to maturity and ACFN has just finished their first harvest of spinach. This is a partial harvest as only some of the leaves have been picked, leaving the spinach to continue growing for future harvests.

This is a monumental milestone that was years in the making, and it is paving the way for the upcoming 3NE Sustainable Food Production Centre (SFPC). The SFPC is in planning stages right now and will utilize similar hydroponics technology, combining the process with raising fish, as well as including a greenhouse and raised bed gardens. The design will allow for both year-round and seasonal crops to be produced locally.

To celebrate this first partial harvest, the K’ai Taile Market had a limited time promotion, where shoppers could bring home the locally grown spinach for free.