Local community members gained valuable work experience on how to operate the firewood processor out by the Three Nations Energy Solar Farm in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. Brad Bilanchuk and Cheyanne Blesse with Three Nations Energy and Kevin Stafford with Greenplanet Energy Analytics spent the afternoon of May 24th providing the training.

Each of the trainees were shown how to properly start and stop the machine and how to fix the chain when it would slip off from the chainsaw bar that cuts the logs. They were also shown how to operate the machine and get comfortable with cutting and splitting the logs. They helped haul logs to the wood rack that pulls the logs into the wood processor which then gets cut and split into firewood. The wood that has been cut, was piled and available for free to the whole community.

This is part of the program to encourage people to move away from fossil fuel heating in exchange for a more economic and carbon neutral energy source.