The ACFN indoor gardening unit is currently being renovated at its new location at the Fort Chipewyan Community High School. Designed and installed by Jonathan Luckhurst, an agricultural and food production expert with Greenplanet Energy Analytics, the new garden beds combine traditional soil gardening with a self-watering feature to help produce fast-growing, healthy plants. Calvin Waquan and Mike Mercredi have been very helpful with the set-up.

Jonathan also provided workshops and tours of the gardening unit to local schools:

  • Fort Chipewyan Community High School staff attended a workshop about the new self watering beds, how they work, the materials used, and helped line the grow boxes.
  • The Athabasca Delta Community School Grade 7 class had a tour of indoor gardening unit early in December. Students had an opportunity to learn how the gardens operate and had a chance to transplant tobacco seedlings into the self-watering beds.