Randal Perras with Greenplanet Energy Analytics was busy installing his first cabin solar package of the year as part of ACFN’s cabin solar program. After a 2.5 hour boat ride on the Athabasca River, passing by wildlife such as bald eagles and a baby bear, Randal and his team arrived at Donna Mercredi’s cabin.

After a quick weiner roast for lunch, the team, consisting of Jonathan Bruno, Leonard Shortman and Donna’s husband Jimmy, installed the 1200W DC solar PV system that included battery storage just outside of Donna’s cabin.

Like other local solar PV system installations, this will power cabin lights, a fridge and other small pieces of equipment. These solar installations are eliminating noise pollution on the land, as well as emissions and the need to bring in fuel.

2021 promises to be another busy summer of solar PV installations in Fort Chipewyan. 8 installations are scheduled for both the Metis and ACFN cabin solar programs. MCFN have purchased 15 systems and are in the early stages of planning their installs.