This past March, ten Fort Chipewyan residents took part in a Seed Starting Workshop at the Youth and Elders Lodge. Presented by Greenplanet Energy Analytics, the Workshop provided attendees with a comprehensive hands-on demonstration of the different ways to start seeds indoors for the outdoor garden.

In addition to learning about the conditions that seeds need to germinate, attendees learned about the importance of selecting the proper growing medium, the various types of containers to start seeds in, the importance of lighting (and how to use indoor grow lights) and pest control.

Micro greens were also introduced. Micro greens are the in-between stage of a sprout and a seedling and are extremely nutrient dense and flavour rich. They are easy to grow and are typically ready to harvest 10 days from seeding. Micro greens are a great indoor and year-round crop and can be used to supplement your diet while you wait for more mature vegetables such as leafy greens and fruiting crops to mature.

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