The 3NE Solar Farm has been recognized by Canada’s Clean50 for their important work in reducing the community’s reliance on imported diesel fuel. As Canada’s largest remote solar farm, this low-carbon project continues to be hailed for bringing clean, reliable electricity to the community of Fort Chipewyan.

Canada’s Clean50 Top Project Awards recognize sustainable projects that show collaboration, build connections and inspire others. Each year, Delta Management Group announces the selected projects that were completed in the past 2 years

This project, which began in 2018 and started producing first power in early 2021, has been successful thanks to the work of Three Nations Energy (3NE), ATCO and Hitachi ABB Power Grids, each with an important role.

3NE owns and operates the 2.2 MW, phase 2 solar farm, but has worked closely with ATCO while they completed their 0.6 MW Phase 1 solar farm and tested the design and local installation procedures.  ATCO will purchase the electricity produced and distribute it onto the local grid. They will also own and operate the battery storage and control systems for the 3NE solar farm. Hitachi ABB Power Grids designed the special battery and control systems. This allows extra solar generation to be stored and then delivered during the evening or on cloudy days. When there is maximum solar generation, this battery system can smoothly turn off all four diesel generators, allowing Fort Chipewyan to be 100% powered by clean renewable energy.

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