The Three Nations Energy Solar farm was launched November 17, 2020 with a ceremony at the solar farm in Fort Chipewyan featuring drummers, prayers and messages from local leadership and the directors of 3NE.

The solar farm is 2.2 megawatts, consisting of 6,500 solar modules that will replace 25 per cent of the diesel generated electricity in Fort Chipewyan with solar generated electricity.  This will cut the number of diesel tanker trucks on the ice road by 25 each year, reduce emissions and harken a new era of clean energy in Fort Chipewyan.

Three Nations Energy (3NE) is owned in equal shares by the Athabasca Chipewyan and Mikisew Cree First Nations and the Metis Association of Fort Chipewyan. This means the community now owns one quarter of the energy production in Fort Chipewyan which has brought training to local workers in this new industry and all the benefits of ownership.

The event featured drummers, prayers and speeches from local leadership Chief Allan Adam, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Chief Peter Powder, Mikisew Cree First Nation and Blue Eyes Simpson, Fort Chipewyan Metis Association.

Video messages came in from Seamus O’Regan, federal Minister of Natural, Rick Wilson, Alberta Minister of Indigenous Affairs
and Nancy Southern, Chair and CEO of ATCO.

3NE and Greenplanet Energy Analytics also hosted a webinar on Nov. 18 to announce the explain this first-of-its-kind project to the community, the media and the world. Watch the highlights video below and check out the videos, slideshow and other materials from the launch on our special Nov. 18th Webinar Materials page.

Meanwhile here is a highlights video from the Nov. 17 launch event that features local leadership at the 3NE solar farm. Also we are pleased to present a video produced by the folks at the Green Energy Futures web channel who also produced a story for CKUA Radio and published a blog on the project.